Please contact and meet our experts. We trust you will find us a Responsible Business Partner. At IPSI and our various Business units, we exercise due care to protect our values and reputation. No matter what business unit you meet, we always let the results speak for themselves.

We have respect for human and labour rights worldwide, and protect the environment through our activities.

For easy contact, please call our Danish headquarter +45 2962 6462, or click here to send us an email: ph@ipsi.dk


We are setting the trend for consultancy services worldwide. Whether you need solutions in the fields of; Environment, Energy, Lighting, Telecommunication, Real Estate or trade – we have a solution for you.

IPS International is supporting agents, subsidies and divisions worldwide; whether you are looking at increasing production in rollout of a mobile network or seeking to build a new top modern resort/hotel you will be in safe hands with us as your partner.

Our energy optimization systems have been installed worldwide since 1988 - more than 33.000 systems have been designed and installed at places like schools, hospitals, airports, tunnels, street light, supermarkets, fast food chains, gas stations, storage facilities, parking buildings and many more.

Well above 25.000 mobile sites worldwide has been through our hands or via our daughter company Telcon Inc. We offer a wide variety of management tools to control, manage and optimize your portfolio of mobile site and can help you build a successful Estate Management function.


During 2015 we are adding to the list of activities yet again with our newly established Telcon-Myanmar Co. Ltd.. Based in Yangon, the commercial capital of Myanmar, Telcon-Myanmar is helping operators to acquire and secure sites to their mobile networks. A team of 25 local people have been hired and trained to help getting more network coverage in the years to come for the people in Myanmar.
You can read more about that here

We have optimized the energy consumption on locations like Copenhagen Airport, Denmark - Mc Donalds, Budapest, Hungary - Oeresund Tunnel, Copenhagen, Denmark - Bau Haus, Germany – Mercedes, Stuttgart, Germany – JET gas stations, Thailand – Cluj Airport, Romania

Currently we are busy with real-estate in Bulgaria, Mobile swap projects in Denmark, Energy optimization projects on mobile infrastructure in Indonesia, Tower portfolio in Thailand and startup of our new setup in Myanmar for the mobile business.

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